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Online shopping has indeed made the Internet today’s Main Street USA.  Buyers flock to online retail sites to purchase everything from clothing and books, to cars and even houses.

The computer age has advanced at lightning speed over the past two decades.  In the beginning, computer geeks were the only users making online buys.  However, these days, nearly every consumer with Internet access has purchased goods or services online at least one time.

With the influx of online shopping, retailers needed a means to track the trends of shoppers and services.  This allowed retailers to constantly upgrade and enhance the way that they met customer demands.  That is where B2C E-Commerce comes into play. B2C E-Commerce is a system that monitors the latest online shopping trends and shares the information with retailers.

Using B2C E-Commerce reports, retailers can make developments by utilizing new technologies.  The shopper, in turn, has more tools available for comparing goods before deciding on a final purchase.

These are only two of the many advantages that online retailers have enjoyed through B2C E-Commerce reports.  Customers have more flexibility, such as returning products if they are not satisfied.  They can decide whether to pick up their purchase, or arrange for delivery.  And, thanks to the progress made through B2C E-Commerce, customers are more protected in using their credit cards to make purchases online.

If you’re thinking about using B2C E-Commerce to enhance your Internet business, you can expect to enjoy the following advantages:

* Learning how fast your sales are expected to grow

* Having the capability to target market areas within the United States with the largest growth of E-Commerce

* Knowing customer trends (i.e.: views of online vs. conventional shopping)

* Helping your customers avoid the dangers associated with online shopping

These are just some of the questions answered by B2C E-Commerce.  The system helps businesses give better service, and it allows customers to be more confident while shopping online.

Market Size and Growth

The US Department of Commerce (DOC) estimated that at the end of 2003, E-Commerce retail sales reached over $56 billion in the United States alone, as compared to a little over $44 billion in 2002.  The heaviest influx of online retail sales in 2003 occurred during the fourth quarter, accounted for by seasonal holiday purchases.  Additionally, B2C E-Commerce reports indicate that there is a lot of room for improvement, as online sales accounted for a mere 1.5 percent of total retail sales in 2003.

Future Trends

B2C E-Commerce predicts that by 2007, Internet purchases will increase to about 3 percent of total retail sales.  On the other hand, online leisure travel sales will increase to about 4 percent of all retail sales.

If you’re wondering how B2C E-Commerce can help your business, consult a web developer or look for more information online.  It is one of the best tools available to help customers and retailers get the most out of modern online merchandising.

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