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The best type of service is conducted one-on-one, directly with your customers.  This is no concern in the offline world, but in the virtual marketing universe, this kind of personal service just isn’t feasible.  With customers literally all over the world, there would be no way that you could transact with each one of them personally.  Of course, this is where an autoresponder comes in.

Customer service with autoresponders is a very simple method.  After an order is placed, an autoresponder will send out a receipt for the sale, together with the information for accessing the product and a ‘thank you’ email.  This type of customer service has definite benefits, as your customers will receive prompt follow-up service whether you’re logged in to your computer at the office or away on a relaxing vacation.  However, sometimes it can be possible to let your customers down if they require more personal service.

Let’s say an elderly gentleman with limited computer skills locates an e-book that you’re selling online, and he places an order.  The customer gets your thank-you email, receipt and download information.  The e-book is compiled into a PDF file, but your customer has no idea what a PDF file is, and doesn’t know what it means to ‘right click to download.’  He needs additional customer service to help him with the product he’s bought, but no one is available to help him.  The only response he obtains is from an autoresponder.

This situation can also be addressed by simply using autoresponder customer service.  Set up an extra autoresponder that will send out a list of frequently asked questions, an overview of problems that deal with customer service, or more detailed instructions on how to access the product.  A support autoresponder can also be made.  With this secondary autoresponder, clients who email service questions will receive an instant message saying that the question was received, and telling them when they can expect a reply.  This will provide the customer some measure of comfort.  In most instances, the customer will be satisfied with waiting for the specified period of time.

On the other hand, if your customer doesn’t receive a reply to his support query, he will become dissatisfied with your company in a very short period of time.  One simple autoresponder message can mean the difference between a satisfied customer, a patient or an irate one.  Setting up an autoresponder message only takes about five minutes, however, it pays off in ongoing customer satisfaction.

When setting up your online business, you need to consider any potential concerns that your customers may face.  Then, you need to create secure, dependable means to address those problems.  Autoresponder customer service let you communicate directly with every client.

Great merchandise bring customers in.  Additionally, great service keeps those customers coming back.  Managing problems promptly and completely is essential to keeping clients satisfied with your business.  Autoresponder customer service helps you offer clients the attention they need and deserve.

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